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We are YOUR true family owned and operated florist, serving the entire Las Vegas community. We take great pride in always sourcing the freshest flowers from all corners of the world, the most unique and meaningful roses, and customer service is really our number one focus. If you are used to ordering flowers from a national internet retailer, you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of attention we give to you and your order. We know you have many choices when it comes to sending flowers to someone you care about, but we hope that after having used us once, we will become YOUR personal florist for life.

Save Money on Your Funeral Flower Arrangements with Our Family Tribute Packages

13th Aug 2013

Funeral arrangements can be one of the more expensive items to be purchased from a florist. They are usually larger than your normal flower arrangement, therefore they are more costly. One great way to save money when ordering funeral floweer arrangements is to order one of our Family Tribute Packages.

At The Dancing Dandelion flower shop, if you order 4 or more funeral pieces we offer great discounts on the package. A great way to achieve this is to pool your funds as a family and in the end each person will receive the discount.  There are many types of funeral flower arrangements to choose from.

Casket sprays cover the top of the casket.


Standing sprays can be placed on either side.


Floor baskets can sit in front of the casket or on the sides.


There are tons of shapes, colors and styles to choose from and there will certainly be a choice that’s fits the spirit of your service. Another thing to keep in mind when ordering floweers for the funeral service is to try to provide 2 days’ notice if possible. Funeral arrangements are given the absolute highest priority at our shop. Nothing less than perfection will do.

Make sure you pick a florist with an impeccable reputation for reliability. Should the need arise, please contact us at (702) 260-4809 and we promise we will do our absolute best work for you.