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We are YOUR true family owned and operated florist, serving the entire Las Vegas community. We take great pride in always sourcing the freshest flowers from all corners of the world, the most unique and meaningful roses, and customer service is really our number one focus. If you are used to ordering flowers from a national internet retailer, you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of attention we give to you and your order. We know you have many choices when it comes to sending flowers to someone you care about, but we hope that after having used us once, we will become YOUR personal florist for life.

Get The Most For Your Money By Ordering a Designers Choice Arrangement

12th Aug 2013

When you make that call to order flowers for your loved one, consider letting the florist choose the varieties and design. This can go a long way towards you getting a larger arrangement with better looking flowers than if the florist must stick to a specific recipe.

One of the reasons for this is that flowers are perishable items, similar to grocery store produce. When you go to the grocery store, strawberries may look great today, but, apples may be looking a little less than desirable. A florist goes shopping in the morning before they open and will pick what looks best today. Therefore if you trust the florist to make that decision you will ultimately be getting the best varieties that were offered that day.

Another reason why you may get a better end product is that if your arrangement calls for 3 orange asiatic lilies and there just so happens to be no perfect asiatic lilies that day, the florist may be forced to use some imperfect ones just to satisfy the recipe for the arrangement. I don’t know any florist myself that would use less than stellar product when given the opportunity to use the best. That’s not saying there are not some unscrupulous florists out there, but I don’t know any who don’t take pride in their work when given the ability to do so.

One more reason why you may get more for your money is that it allows florists to take advantage of special sales that may be offered by their distributor. If I go into the market today and gerbera daisies are on sale, I’m going to buy more of them than I usually do, but I also know that I have to move them so I can pass this value on to my customer and make their arrangement more full for the same price that they would have paid otherwise.

So to sum this all up, find a great Las Vegas florist that you trust, try asking them to make a designers choice arrangement in the size that you are looking for, and see for yourself if you get more value for your money.