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We are YOUR true family owned and operated florist, serving the entire Las Vegas community. We take great pride in always sourcing the freshest flowers from all corners of the world, the most unique and meaningful roses, and customer service is really our number one focus. If you are used to ordering flowers from a national internet retailer, you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of attention we give to you and your order. We know you have many choices when it comes to sending flowers to someone you care about, but we hope that after having used us once, we will become YOUR personal florist for life.

Adding Meaning to Your Floral Arrangement

24th Jul 2013


So often people walk into our shop and see a dozen bright yellow roses and ask us “What does yellow mean again? I can’t remember. Does it mean excitement? Does it mean friendship?”

I think we can all agree that red roses symbolize love, but all the other colors of roses will mean various things depending on where you find the list of meanings. This got us thinking about the meanings of the different colors of roses and since there is no real truth behind these meanings, it got us thinking about how much more special a gift would be if there were a story behind it.

 If you could attach a story to the gift of flowers it would almost be as if it were something that you handmade yourself for this person. So next time you send flowers in Las Vegas, think hard about the shapes and colors and relate them to something in life that you share with this person or expresses some feelings you have for this person and let them know this on the enclosure card. Your gift will then transform from a kind offering to something truly special which is the gift of the human connection.